Loooook into my eyes….

April 23, 2009 § 4 Comments



In Tonight’s Comic Adventure: Having realized her cataracts has suddenly, dramatically worsened, Miss Waxie bars herself from driving anywhere besides in her own neighborhood until her surgery May 21st and offers you a look at the world through the eyes of a cataracts patient. …She also contemplates taking up impressionist painting. 

Note: Thanks to viewers like you (yes, I’m stealing directly from PBS now) yesterday this tiny site received almost 100 hits yesterday. An on its ninth day of birth, wow! Remember to subscribe by email to keep up with each adventure in my Comic Life. 

ALSO – Though I put up her award, I forgot to kindly thank Diane at StellarLife – Life with MS for kindly awarding me as a “blogger on target”…thank you Diane! 

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§ 4 Responses to Loooook into my eyes….

  • autoimmunelife says:

    Oh no! I’m sorry about your eyes! I live in my glasses, so I can only imagine 20/20 also… though I have a guess that is pretty much identical to yours lol! Good luck with your surgery! I know it’s still a month away, but I wanted to toss that in there!

  • Dara says:

    Yay about the hits – I posted your link on Twitter.

  • sara says:

    ick. I haven’t dealt with vision issues, but i imagine it must be fairly scary to be driving and suddenly not be able to see as well as you could just a moment ago. sigh….hopefully may 21 will come quickly.

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