I Looked At The Beast Head On, And Saw My Reflection…

April 22, 2009 § 12 Comments



In Tonight’s Comic Adventure: Miss Waxie ponders the importance of sleep in the body riddled rheumatoid arthritis, cidp, lupus, and the like while weighing it against just how much fatigue steals away from one’s over all life. While considering if she is in fact self-punishing her body for demanding so much in bed time by purposely setting up 9AM  appointments for herself, she realizes it’s entirely possible she’s playing into her diseases’ master plan, attacking her body from the outside in!!!! 

A note: dear new readers and valued returning readers. Yesterday this tiny, baby-fresh, new blog had 80 hits. That makes nearly 500 in 8 days. I’m stunned. Thank you for your readership. 

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§ 12 Responses to I Looked At The Beast Head On, And Saw My Reflection…

  • ashysheela says:

    well, who wouldn’t want to read something so original and high quality?
    I expect it is not just the joints that don’t like to perform early in the day… blood is thicker first thing so circulation/POTS-wise gives you another justification for later appointment times – be assertive!

    • misswaxie says:

      Such kind words, thank you.

      That’s interesting, thanks for enlightening me! Truly, dysautonomia/pots is the condition I understand least. I wrote a children’s animated script about lymphocytes so i have the autoimmune thing down pat. my parasympathetic nervous system? that’s still a bit of a mystery. ..Though I suppose at this point ignorance of the ins and outs is just laziness – to wikipedia I go! 😀

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  • Michelle says:

    Wow!!! and Wow!! I am so JEALOUS of your talent girl! You say all of the things that I have a hard time saying, it’s like you are in my brain, but on a different blog, and writing much better stuff, with creativity and humor….humm. I am so glad you stopped by to visit me 🙂 We are going through the same shtuff, but you are far too young to have been hit by the AI bullshit. I get so angry! I’m 41 and I was pissed that if it was going to happen, couldn’t it wait until I had done at least a couple of the things I’ve always wanted to do? OK, this is turning into a blog post, lol.
    Come by anytime girl. I’m lookin forward to bein ‘sickies’ friends!
    soft hugs

    • misswaxie says:

      stop, you’re making me blush! (its okay, you don’t *really* have to stop..ha!)

      It’s really gratifying to know that so many people are reading & enjoying this. these past few months, I’ve been feeling like my writing degree was in danger of going to waste, but well, I’m much more renewed on that front and its thanks to lovely comments like yours!

      I will absolutely keep checking out your blog again soon, michelle, stay well!

      – Miss Waxie

  • ashysheela says:

    try http://www.dinet.org if you have not seen that before – click on link to POTS Place on left hand side…

  • Nicole says:

    Dude, love this site. I’m chronically ill and 20something as well, and I love your take on it all. Humor is completely necessary in dealing with a chronic illness in my opinion, or it just overtakes you. Will be following your blog now 🙂

    • misswaxie says:

      That’s so much Nicole! I agree humor is the very best medicine in my arsenal. Um, next to enbrel!

      Thanks for reading, glad to know you’ll be sticking around!

  • RA Guy says:

    9AM appointment??? I myself try to never schedule any business appointments before noon. I am really enjoying your blog. Looking forward to more.

    • misswaxie says:

      How funny, RA Guy, I just wrote on your blog!

      Glad you’re enjoying it, do keep reading, and hope you’re feeling well!

      – miss waxie

  • Patricia says:

    Dude. Your blog is awesome. Coping through humor = the only way to deal with the absurdity of chronic illness, in my opinion!! A relative of mine asked me recently to tell her about the hot restaurants and clubs in Chicago. I was like, “um…I don’t really go out after dark. I can tell you about the hot reality tv shows and recent Law and Order episodes, though!”

    • misswaxie says:

      Oh Patricia, towards the end of my time in NYC, it definetly got like that for me too – which was only more rediculous because things like law & order were actually FILMED there. “You know, I saw a new resturaunt on layfayette behind benson and stabler the other night, you should check it out…”:D Hah!

      Glad you like it and thanks for the comment and compliment! Please do keep reading!

      – Miss Waxie

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