Keep Your Friends Close, And Your Enemies Closer…

August 30, 2009 § 7 Comments


In Tonight’s Comic Adventure: Miss Waxie learns to love her greatest adversary as being taken seriously by the Cleveland Clinic has provided her a golden ticket into better medical care. Sure they might think she’s in a coma, but what can she say, the Cleveland Clinic kinda grows on you. Not unlike the MRSA they so rampantly spread through Ohio…

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The Only Test You Fail Is the One You Fail To Take…

May 29, 2009 § 8 Comments


In Tonight’s Comic Adventure: Faced with the possibility of not being able to get a sedative for her cataract eye surgery simply because she can’t produce enough urine for her pregnancy test, Miss Waxie wonders who really gets harmed the most by this bad decision, her non-existent fetus, herself, or the poor doctor who got the “if you think your cutting into my eyes while I’m awake you got another thing coming, buddy” riot act read to them. ….She got her drugs, her surgery, and half her dignity to boot. Why does being female so needlessly complicate every moment of the medical life?

Dear Readers, thank you for sticking by me in the recent dip in posting. I’m still having a hard time adjusting to my lens implant…and still awaiting the one in my left eye! Thanks for the well wishes and don’t worry about the missed comics, I’m good for ’em! 

Tales From The Clinic: Out With the Old, In With The Eu-Genics…

May 3, 2009 § 10 Comments


In Tonight’s Comic Adventure: Miss Waxie brings you her somewhat belated “Blogging Against Disablism Day” submission – A story that could only come from “Tales Of the Clinic” wherein her Cleveland Clinic neurologist tried to deny her appropriate treatment for her peripherial neuropathy because it might one day, possibly, compromise her fertility. …Talk about your God complex!

A very special thank you to the great people at ChronicBabe for writing about me in their recent newsletter! (And hello, you wonderful new readers, you!) Thanks for including me in your mission to make young ladies with chronic illness know its not just possible, but important, to live chronically fabulous.

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With The First Step…

April 15, 2009 § 6 Comments



Dear Readers, 

As the text of these comics is entered into each post as an image, all search engines from google to wordpress can’t read the words, thus making these comics very near un-searchable. In order to counter this, I’m going to be giving a short summary sentence after each comic so it shows up on keyword searches. Thanks for understanding. And keep reading! 

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Tonight’s Comic Adventure: The five months saga that began with pelvic pain and a trip to the gynecologist. The pain was eventually blamed on everything from endometriosis, to a hernia, to my established rheumatoid arthritis, to scoliosis, to finally finding a bulging disc in the spine thanks to my connective tissue disease. All that from referred low back pain. Phew! 

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