Just Say No…

April 17, 2009 § 11 Comments


Tonight’s Comic Adventure: With physical therapy for the bulging disc in her lumbar/sacral spine out of the way (and having it gone fairly positively!) Miss Waxie worries about her upcoming rhuematology appointment. Denied percocet for her rheumatoid arthritis and MCTD due to already having been proscribed vicodin which she can’t take (thanks to stomach issues), she ponders why twenty somethings are seen as drug abusers and realizes she would’ve had a more successful time getting pain killers when she lived on Washington Square Park. 

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§ 11 Responses to Just Say No…

  • Oh, God, all so real. They trap you then dump you and it is ALL YOUR FAULT. Hysterical stuff. So glad to find someone else who can laugh at the insanity of it all.

  • ashysheela says:

    “But you’re just so young!” You must be desperate to tell them to get over it and get on with their job! I suppose you are going to get that said for some time to come… but it’s just SO irrelevant!
    It is so awful to have to take such drugs, never mind be looked on with dubiousness by all and sundry, how frustrating.

    Love what you are doing here and enjoying reading each installment…

    • misswaxie says:

      I’m almost shocked I still get it — I mean, I’ve been hearing it since I was like 4, and well, I’m comparitvely ancient now!

      Those I suppose the day I *stop* getting it, then I’ll be really concerned.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying and thanks for reading.

  • Oh, do attend the Blogger Award ‘event’ Sunday (‘post’, I’m cheap) at my blog. You have an award awaitin’

  • sara says:

    Hey-Just found your blog and really glad that I did. I definitely appreciate your sense of humor and sarcasm-much needed weapons as we battle all of this crap!

    • misswaxie says:

      Hey Sara, I really enjoy reading yours too! I think sometimes people get uncomforatable by the whole “sick” sense of humor, and our abilities to laugh at ourselves. It’s a shame, because laughter is the best medicine – uh, next to immunosurpressants!

  • autoimmunelife says:

    My husband has arthritis in one hip, and I have all the autoimmune issues – “But you’re so young” is something we hear commonly.
    We both got a laugh out of your reply to that sentiment! Wouldn’t it be nice if these diseases would listen to that fact!!!

    I’m enjoying reading your blog so much – and I love how you are doing it!

    • misswaxie says:

      I highly suggest bringing groucho to each and every appointment.

      Glad you’re both enjoying it …and hope you’re both feeling well today!

  • Erin says:

    give ’em hell!

    in the nicest way possible.

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