I (don’t) wanna be sedated….

April 20, 2009 § 9 Comments






Tonight’s Comic Adventure: Miss Waxie visits her rhueumatologist in the hopes of clearing her good name and getting some percocet. She gets her ‘script – but not her dignity, as he continues to insist she can’t possibly be as much pain as she claims. By procuring her blood work, Miss Waxie realizes her lupus is active, her pain is quite real, and she needs a new doctor. One who believes in reading lab test results! 

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§ 9 Responses to I (don’t) wanna be sedated….

  • ashysheela says:

    how completely incompetent that doctor was… i suppose complaining won’t change anything but that is complaint – worthy… when will people start trying to make life EASIER for people who have so much to contend with already?

    As i have moaned about often, since i left work (part-time admin) nearly three years ago due to not being able to do it anymore, i feel i have just swapped it for more of the same, with only slightly more flexible hours!

    • misswaxie says:

      I’ve longed joked about hiring an intern to handle my calls, appointments, and bills…sort of that Seinfeld episode when Kramer got an intern from NYU for himself and called his “business” Kramerica Industries. I figured, I went to NYU, it really wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

      …And now this post has 2 Seinfeld references!

      Thanks for reading, as always!

  • autoimmunelife says:

    Ugh… Good luck with the new doctor… I can’t believe the last one….Good idea to move on!

  • lindak says:

    Miss Waxie – Yea for the new Rheumy! here’s hoping may 5th comes very quickly.
    I wonder what the drug reps that the doc had lunch with would say when they found out that he was hesitant to prescribe the drugs they market!

    lots and lots of spoons and hugs.


    • misswaxie says:


      Maybe I should call the makers of percocet and see if they’ll take him out for a nice lunch. Then I can be swimming in pills while he swims on a nice cruise.

      (Just so you know, I edited your post to take my name out, I’m not worried about privacy – you know, my picture’s on here and all – but I worry about potential employers googling me and discovering my illnesses. Sadly one can never be too careful!)

      Thanks for reading!

  • Quercki M. Singer says:

    I linked to your blog over at Shakesville.
    The link in the blog around to Chally’s Not Staying Silent: Introduction post had this gem in the comments, where she blogs about dealing with her chronic pain.

    I’m writing a comic about my experience with chronic illness called A Comic Life, Indeed – you can view it at https://acomiclifeindeed.wordpress.com – hopefully it will cheer your up, make you laugh, or at the very least assure you that your chronic health concerns are nothing that need to be shoved into the back of a closet.

    – Miss Waxie

    • misswaxie says:


      Thanks for linking me at shakesville and for the kind words!

      Hope you keep reading!

      – Miss Waxie

  • bitt says:

    I love it! Dr. Right. I’m currently looking for him too. Or her.

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